Molar Mass Tutorial
Part One: Carbon Monoxide (CO)

You will use the following calculator to complete this part of the activity. You will be asked to fill in some information and your instructor may provide you with a photocopy of the page. If not, print a copy of it.

Carbon/Oxygen Compound Calculator
Grams of Carbon Grams of Oxygen Formula
  1. Enter the number "12" into the box "Grams of Carbon" in the calculator. You do not need to enter "12 grams" or "12 g," just "12."
  2. Now enter a guess into the "Grams of Oxygen" box, and hit the "Calculate" button. Your task is to keep changing the value for the "Grams of Oxygen" until you get exactly CO1 (carbon monoxide) in the "Formula" box.
  1. How many grams of oxygen combined with 12 grams of carbon to form CO? How are these numbers related to the atomic masses on the periodic table?

  2. Now use the calculator to complete the following chart. Again, your goal is to find the Grams of Oxygen the combine to form CO.

    Grams of Carbon Grams of Oxygen Formula
    6   CO
    24   CO
    36   CO
    48   CO
    60   CO

  3. Based on what you have learned in this lesson, how many grams of Oxygen would combine with 28 grams of Nitrogen to form NO?

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